There are thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. In the case of Korean exchanges (Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Covit, Gopax), leverage is not available because only ‘in-kind’ transactions are possible, transaction fees are high, and the types of currency that can be traded are very small compared to overseas exchanges. In addition, derivatives other than transactions are also poor.

On the other hand, major overseas exchanges can also make “gift” transactions that can invest in the direction of the market’s decline, so they can make short selling (short position) and use leverage is usually about 100 times possible. In addition, transaction fees are cheaper than domestic exchanges, and the types of virtual currency that can be traded are incomparably large. In addition to coin transactions, there are various types of derivatives services such as staking services that receive interest by depositing coins.

Today, we will introduce the MEXC Exchange, MEXC 거래소 the most growing futures exchange in Korea this year, and deliver an emergency airdrop event in progress. What kind of exchange is the MEXC exchange? 6th place in Coin Gekko’s ranking. The MEXC Exchange is a major exchange in the top 10 cryptocurrency rankings. It is ranked sixth in today’s Coin Gekko ranking, and eighth in the case of the well-known Bybit Exchange.

8th place in Coin Market Cap

Also, according to the ranking of Coin Market Cap, it is currently ranked 8th. The Bitget Exchange, which is well-known in Korea, is ranked 32nd.

The MEXC Exchange is currently serving more than 200 countries around the world, with more than 6 million users.

Number one in the world for virtual wastewater

As it is a major exchange, it has a high level of security and is safe from accidents such as eating and running. There are so many types of cryptocurrency that can be traded that it ranks first in the number of cryptocurrencies that can be traded among the top exchanges. There are times when 8-10 coins are newly listed a day.

Such a large number of coin types means that you can find coins that meet the conditions of your preferred trading law, and it is also very advantageous for “bundle trading” that can make a big profit when listed in Korea after buying coins in the early stages before listing on the domestic exchange.

You can even buy and sell packages on the day of listing or the day before. For example, if you check the notice of Upbit from time to time and see a notice that a specific coin will be listed, you can purchase the coin directly from the MEXC exchange and send it to Upbit to sell it at the same time as the listing beam. Usually, upbeat listing is a good thing, so it usually rises on the MEXC exchange. You can sell it right away without domestic delivery.

On the other hand, if you sign up for the MEXC exchange referring to the posting below, you can get a 0.04% special discount instead of the existing market price of 0.06%. This is a special discount method, not a common method, in which the exchange rating rises depending on the volume of transactions or the balance of holdings and the commission discount is received according to the rating. The rating is marked as ‘SVIP’.

You can check if the discount fee has been applied well as below.

To verify that SVIP ratings are applied

Press the person shape of position 1, press the personal setting of position 2, and check ‘Fee Rating’ –> ‘Details’ –> ‘Gift Fee’.

If applied well, the rating will be marked as ‘SVIP’ and you will see a ‘Special Fee Discount Notice’ and 0.04% market price. On top of that, we pay back 0.04% every day for life, so the market price fee is actually 0.036%. If it is not applied correctly, please contact me anytime through my KakaoTalk 1:1 open chat and Telegram on the top banner or the comment box below, and I will help you apply it right away.

Also, for those who have signed up with my discount link and completed KYC certification, we will continue to update the “Actual Sales Method” through a separate site, so please contact us.

From now on, I will introduce you to an emergency event where you can receive a new coin (free gift).

MEXCM – Day TAG Chain (TAG) release airdrop news that provides free new coins

Free AirDrop Event

This AirDrop event is a way to receive TAG coins that will be newly listed as “free” if you meet “qualification”, so I hope you participate and receive benefits.

First of all, if you click on the “Finance Center” at the top of the homepage, various derivatives services provided by MEXC are very intuitively and easily provided.

For example, ‘LaunchPad’ is a service that allows you to purchase new tokens at a low price before they are released, and ‘Kickstarter’ is a service that votes on your favorite projects and receives rewards. The ‘MX Zone’ is a variety of perks and compensation programs for MX holders, which are the coins of the exchange itself. In addition, there is a service that receives interest by depositing (staking) various cryptocurrencies, and there is a service that steaks Ethereum, which will be changed to “merge update.”

The event we’re going to participate in today is the “M-Day event. First, click ‘M-Day’ in position 2.

The “M-Day” event is an event that trades various coins designated by the exchange or receives “compensation” by holding MX coins, which are the coins of the exchange itself.

Among these two methods, today’s event will be held by trading coins designated by the exchange and receiving airdrop (free bonus) of the newly listed TAG-Chain (TAG) coins.

Therefore, if you trade coins corresponding to various coins designated by the exchange and become eligible, you will receive a “ticket” as a result of the lottery. You will receive 50 TAG coins for each ticket.

Trading volume is very easy to achieve as it only needs to meet at least 2000 USDT. For example, if you trade in kind, you can achieve it by buying and selling 1000 USDT worth of coins, and if you trade in futures, you can trade with leverage, so it’s much easier to achieve.

If you use 100 times the leverage, you can achieve 2000 USDT transaction volume even if you buy and sell 10 USDT (about 13,000 won) worth of coins once.

The time to achieve the trading volume is 1 night and 2 days. Volume is only included from 5pm on September 15, 2022 to 3pm on September 16, 2022.

The higher the volume of transactions, the higher the probability of receiving more tickets.

Number of tickets available for each transaction volume. The number of tickets will be determined as a result of the lottery, so you don’t have to get the maximum amount.

Ticket claim time: Ticket claim means ‘Please give me a ticket because the transaction volume has been satisfied’. This time is available until 3 p.m. on September 16th, so you can check if the transaction volume has been achieved before then and claim it.

The results of the draw will be announced at 5 p.m. on September 16. Participants can visit their MEXCM M-day page to see if there are any winning tickets.

TAG Coin AirDrop will be held at 5:30 p.m. on September 16 for users with winning tickets. In other words, you’ll have a TAG coin in your wallet. At this time, you can sell the coin as soon as it is listed, or if you think it will continue to increase in value, you can hold it.

TAG Coin will be listed as TAG/USD Fair on the spot exchange at 7 p.m. on September 16. They often sell at the market price at this time.

On the other hand, if you want to “check the transaction volume” and “ticket claim” when you qualify for the transaction volume,

You can check your transaction volume by pressing “Details” of number 1, and you can press “Ticket Claim” by pressing “Participate in the lottery” of number 2.

For the ticket claim that “We want compensation because the transaction volume has been satisfied,” please press 1 to check if your transaction volume is more than 2000 USDT, and then press 2 before 3 p.m. on September 16.

And the coins that are included in the transaction volume only include the market price transaction of the ‘future transaction’ pair or ‘in-kind transaction’. This is because the “designated price” transaction of the “in-kind transaction” is currently exempted from fees, so it does not fall under the conditions of this event.

Meanwhile, the coins included in the trading volume of this event are as above. There are so many, so it is okay to trade with any coin as long as it is not a spot price transaction.

And the total reward pool for this event is 40000 TAG and the total number of tickets is 640. We pay 50 TAG per ticket, so the number of TAG paid by ticket is 32000. The remaining 8,000 will be paid to users who unfortunately couldn’t win.

This event is a very easy and simple event that ends from participation to reward in 1 night and 2 days. $2,000 in transaction volume is 100 times leverage futures, $10 worth of bitcoin can be bought and sold once. Also, airdrop will be finished within September 16th.

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