I stayed near Jeju Airport for a day I searched for a good restaurant near Jeju Airport and went there. If you search for good restaurants in Jeju, it’s a good restaurant you’ve seen at least once It’s famous for Jeju’s bracken yukgaejang I went to Woojin Hangover Soup 🙂

​This is the parking lot of Woojin Hangover Soup, a famous restaurant near Jeju Airport.

Jeju famous restaurant Woojin Hangover Soup is near Jeju Airport

It’s located at Jeju Airport

You just have to drive for about 10 minutes

It’s a famous restaurant near Jeju Airport.

I used a rental car near Jeju Airport

It’s convenient because it’s quick to take pictures of the navigation system!

And the parking facilities are good, and the parking space is

It was so spacious that I could use the inconvenience.

If you’re using a rental car near Jeju Airport,

It’s close by, so I think it’d be good to come to eat.

Woojin Haejangguk Address: 11, Seosa-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Woojin Hangover Soup
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province 11 Seosa-ro, Jeju-si

In front of Woojin Hangover Soup, a famous restaurant near Jeju Airport,

It was already full of waiting guests.

If you’re eating at Jeju’s famous restaurant, WOOJIN’s hangover soup,

1 hour parking in the public parking lot in front of Woojin Hangover Office

We’re giving you a coupon, so please refer to it 🙂

Also, WOOJIN’s Hangover Soup recommends recycling leftover food

He doesn’t do it.

When you come to Woojin’s Hangover Soup, at the counter,

Please stop by, get a waiting number, and wait!

There’s always a waiting place near Jeju Airport

There was also a waiting area for Woojin Haejangguk.

After waiting for about 40 minutes, finally enter!

Woojin Haejangguk, a famous restaurant in Jeju, was very spacious inside.

There were dining areas in the inner room.

But there was no room between the tables

It’s a bit complicated.

I sat at the innermost table.

To receive customers quickly, the side dishes

It was basically set up.

The left side was our table

The table next to it, the other guests

He sat down.Haha

It feels like I’m eating with my family

I think I will be vulnerable to COVID-19.

This is the menu of Jeju’s famous restaurant, Woojin Hangover Soup.

There were four menus and they were selling alcoholic beverages.

We ordered two bracken yukgaejang!

Side dishes are salted squid, kkakdugi, seasoned chives,

And pepper and ssamjang came out.

I was so hungry waiting

Eating rice first with side dishes…Hah!

The side dishes are so good. Stir-fried beef with bracken

I almost finished a bowl of rice before I even came out.^^

Woojin hangover soup and bracken yukgaejang!

On top of the bracken Yukgaejang, chopped chives and sesame seeds,

There’s chili powder on top

It looked so appetizing.

It’s boiled in a hot earthen pot

I could enjoy hot Yukgaejang for a long time.

I’ve been waiting for a long time Stir-fried beef…

I was so excited because it was my first time to eat gosari yukgaejang!

Can you see the thick concentration?

I mixed the bracken Yukgaejang and it was really thick!

The taste and concentration of yukgaejang that I usually eat

It was so different. It was amazing LOL

I ate the mixed bracken Yukgaejang.

As you can see in the picture, the texture was really thick

The ferns are cooked and chewed. It’s like chicken

It felt like I was eating!

It’s my first time eating it, so I don’t know what to say


Thick chicken soup? But I’ve never tasted it before.

But it was a taste that made me want to eat it LOL

As I felt, the taste of bracken yukgaejang

If I were to explain it the most similar way, it’s pork backbone stew

Tear the meat into small pieces and boil it thick!

I think there will be some people who don’t like the texture

I was Ho!

When you eat half of it, on the table,

I sprinkled the pepper and tried it.

It tastes different with pepper

I finished the rest of the rice Hehe…

You can refill the side dishes

If it’s not enough, please ask the staff!

There’s a famous Jeju restaurant where you have to wait in line to pay.

For those who come to Woojin’s hangover soup,

You have to consider the wait!

Delivery and packaging are also available!

I could take it right away without waiting when packing.

Next time I come, I’ll pack it up and take it.”T”

Salted squid was really good, too

It was on sale for 8,000 won.

For those who are looking for good restaurants near Jeju Airport,

WOOJIN’s hangover soup and bracken yukgaejang!

It was a special taste that I’ve never tasted before

For those of you who haven’t tried it yet,

I want to recommend it.

But it takes a long time to wait

Personally, I have to wait

I don’t want to eat it, but I recommend you to wrap it up!
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