Ten days after Luna 2.0 listing, the price was cut by one-tenth. Do-kwon, answer me.

The price, which was close to $20 at the time of listing, once fell to $1.71. It’s down more than a tenth. It’s now priced at around three dollars. 바이낸스 거래소 According to data from Coin publisher Terraform Labs, Luna 2.0’s market capitalization once fell below $500 million (about 620 billion won), and transactions in the past 24 hours have surpassed the market capitalization.

MEXC Exchange M-Day TAG-Chain (TAG) Coin Air Drop Event

we will introduce the MEXC Exchange, MEXC 거래소 the most growing futures exchange in Korea this year, and deliver an emergency airdrop event in progress. What kind of exchange is the MEXC exchange? 6th place in Coin Gekko’s ranking. The MEXC Exchange is a major exchange in the top 10 cryptocurrency rankings. It is ranked sixth in today’s Coin Gekko ranking, and eighth in the case of the well-known Bybit Exchange.

Jeju famous restaurant Woojin

I stayed near Jeju Airport for a day I searched for a good restaurant near Jeju Airport and went there. If you search for good restaurants in Jeju, it’s a good restaurant you’ve seen at least once It’s famous for Jeju’s bracken yukgaejang I went to Woojin Hangover Soup 🙂 더보기…

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