Although I have been homeschooling steadily, it was time to desperately need the help of the lecture as the area versus difficulty itself that I have to know was getting higher. But in reality, going to an academy to learn all the major subjects is money, but it is not easy in reality.

So my choice was to make a habit that leads to self-directed learning while listening to online classes in elementary school. That’s why I chose Megastudy Education Elly High. 엘리하이.com The reason why I chose this place among many online lectures is that it is the best educational content company in Korea!


It’s an elementary school brand

It was because.

Number one!

Megastudy Education, an online education company,

Since it’s an elementary school learning brand,

I had no choice but to go.

Furthermore, high and middle school online lectures

The know-how of No. 1 M.V.E.L.H

I think it’s been melted down

There’s something that’s so reliable, right?

Elly High has been learning from the formation of learning habits

I started with the school to supplement my studies, the Gifted Education Center,

Going to special purpose high school, etc

To top-level goal learning

It’s an elementary school online study

I’ll connect it to the middle school M.B.E.V.E

The advantage of being able to learn

It doesn’t stop here

Each child will be tested for their propensity and level

The contents that you can learn are subdivided

I was satisfied with that.

Elly High English by area

Math learning programs by level are

A lecture that’s perfect for your child’s

I can trust and leave it to you in the way of providing it

There must be.

Because I’m a 10-year-old kid

It’s not the same for each child

It’s all different.

As if you’re considering that,

The style of the lecture that the child wants

You can choose your course

Interest also naturally follows

It felt like that.

Continuing on, ELLY HIGH’s components,

I’ll show you a detailed learning program

Shall we take a look?

First, it’s Elly High Prime Tab.

Ely High English and Lessons Available

It’s a special learning pad.

Is the speed of the prime tap

I think it’ll be slow or heavy in advance

I was worried

Choi San’s specifications are fast

I was surprised because the teaching was very good.

It’s easy to use here

As long as the cradle is combined, it is for use only

It even comes with a case.

As this case is a great move,

It’s so comfortable. When it comes to children’s use,

There was no inconvenience.

Also, a smart pen and a smart learning experience, Bukdo

It comes with me.

This small smart pen

Put it in a case for easy storage

It’s done, so even if you take care of it,

It was fine.

In a blink of an eye

You lose these things quickly, so after you use them,

I’m going to keep it in a case

It’s Jung.

This kid is going to officially

I’ll show you how I learn.

First of all, let’s see how it feels

To take a look, practice with an experience book

I tried it.

Even with the experience book,

I don’t know how to use Elly High

It’s not difficult because it’s in a completely different frame

I was able to take advantage of learning.

If you’re free to experience it,

I’d like to recommend this song

It was a method.

I’m also a member of Elly High

I don’t know how to use it from the beginning

I didn’t know, but using the experience book,

I’m trying to figure out some of the features

It was very useful because I got caught.

Especially among these,

The part that drew the most attention was

It was a smart pen.

With a Prime Tab and a Smart pen

If you link it, you can use smart textbooks

I can solve the problem.

If you encounter a difficult concept,

It’s easy to listen to conceptual lectures

It’s a mole.

If you pick up the number of the question,

The lecture will be played, and in addition to this, in the smart note,

When you take notes, type, save, ask questions, and more in the Prime tab

You can use various functions

I like this part.

At this moment, I asked the teacher

It’s possible to ask questions, so it’s easy for the child to understand

It’s me, right?

by connecting a pen

Let’s start with Elly High’s English class

I listened to it.

It’s related to polar bear

It was about a variety of questions

I was able to solve it.

The song that you wanted to listen to

When I heard your lecture,

As expected, I had so much fun every day

I’m using it.

Just listening to it,

Smart elementary school smart learning, right?

Another major subject, math

Let’s take a look!

When you press the conceptual lecture,

You can listen to it.

After solving another question,

If you click “Answer” right away on the tab right away

I can check.

Math is the same as English

Ask the teacher more questions

It’s designed to be released.

English and math classes

It’s fun, but you have to poke the pen

You can use it in many ways

So, I hope that the learning effect will be improved

It felt like that.

These days

I’m interested in English and math

The detailed parts

I really liked it.

It’s my first time learning it

Kids are just saying, “Let’

You don’t like it even if you hear it.

But Elly High English

It’s fun to learn like playing

The results that are shown in ITZY!

I think it was different.

learning every day by day

The contents of the lesson are different

These days, Geojin is a major subject

I’m learning, so I’m very helpful

I’m getting it.

I’m going to show you the right learning habits

So that I can catch it, I can take care of the curriculum

I’m glad that you’really,

I think it was convenient.

Not only teachers who specialize in major subjects,

Specialty, gifted, and in-depth preparation classes

As many professional teachers as possible,

I’m satisfied because it’s wide

There was.

To my child

If you think about what you need,

There are so many, right?

Like me, for a child

I don’t know what to choose for elementary school student?

If you have any concerns,

Made by Megastudy Education

After experiencing Elly High,

I think you can decide.

As much as the child needs to have fun,

It’s important to experience it yourself

I hope you can start with a free 10-day experience first.

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